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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Various stuffs
At least I feel better than when I woke this morning.. Managed to get through the day without killing anyone... Actually I calmed down by about midday but I really did feel ... MAD this morning.. Damned meds!

Had a shower, brekky... Took other meds.. I need to do a stocktake before next week so I can get repeat Rx (Rx is a US abbreviation for 'prescription' ) at clinic.

I also need to do that darned DLA form for then.

Had a call from Jenny at head office and sorted several things out. Just gonna take things easy for a week or so, and then slowly see whats what & what presents itself. In the meantime there is some work to be got on with, which is fine.

One good thing is that work have said they WILL pay for conference for me as per usual, its not in writing but the initial signs are good :)

Went off shopping with dad to woodgreen.

WIlko's for Mugs.. We seem to have managed to break a lot of the decent sized mugs in the house so I bought a couple of nice big tea mugs :)

Peacocks.. OK Not my preferential choice for clothes but they are darn cheap.. Got 20% off today also. :) Short sleeved dressy shirt & another hat (fishing type, dark blue.. )
Had a mooch around a lot of the other little stores.. Potential for gift buying in the future there. :D

Came home and had lunch out on the patio... Nice :D

Salad and a ham & mustard on white :)

Post arrived.. later.. But my aromatherapy vaporises has arrived.. and it is C••L :D Bigger than I thought it'd be but great fun.. Yay.. Now all I want is for my Hotshot 4 kite to arrive.. Think I am gonna start collecting them if I can, or poss look into making a few. Be very cool to be the only person with a stack of 4's! :D

Right.. off to sort out the kites I DO have :) and mebbe tidy up the room a bit :D

Its clouded over but still quite nice..