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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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More Stuff & Words
Sorta sorted the kites.. Had a brief chat to F.. sounded tired tho :( Hope you get the break you need hon...

Supper was the VERY nice pizza that Iceland are doing at the mo.. Its a Mediterranean vegetable pizza and its scrummy.. and baked spud.. & Salad.. YUM..

Did a stocktake of my meds as well so will probably contact the GP tomorrow & then the hospital rx at clinic next week.

Watched telly after supper.. Dead Ringers is cool.. Then another episode of Black Books on DVD. Quite fancied watching House with Hugh Laurie in but guess what.. We don't GET C5! :( Worst luck..
Anyone know if its any good? Or willing to video it for me.

fayet16 writes of learning new words.. This brings me to the following as some of my most used sites:

The Onelook Dictionary : http://www.onelook.com/ its definitions, translations and other search tools and its 993 dictionaries :D
The Urban Dictionary http://www.urbandictionary.com/ Define your World!

I tend to like words, this may come from having a dutch parent, and a general interest in words anyway..

As used by a younger friend of mine:

1. spaz out
verb: to spaz out

this basically means to either:
a) have a spasm/twitch type thing
or b) get extremely angry and go a bit mental.
a) will you stop spazzing out? it's only a spider...

b) we pissed off our chemistry teacher so much today she just spazzed out!

As used by my nephew (young teen! ) Mint Currently has 22 definitions :)

Anyway.. I should go take a shower & snooze..