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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Quick Weekend Blog

Went to my bro's for his BD .. good weather.. Sat in garden.. went for very nice pub lunch. Chicken & Mushroom pie, home made style and it was loverly :)

Went & looked at statues... overpriced mostly & didn't see anything like WorldWidePots have.. However we have returned with a 'redstone' stylised cat.. Pictures soon I hope. It was the one thing that wasn't hugely overpriced (IMO)... I did see a few bits, stone benches & suchlike that I'd have photographed if I'd remembered my camera.. As it was I'd left it at my bro's house.

Spent the rest of the afternoon sitting in the garden at my brothers apart from a brief trip to the rec to try & fly a kite.. 'barely' enough wind to keep the hotshot 4 up but at least it got me out for a walk..

Had a ham sarnie & some FRESH picked strawberries from his garden.. Tasty :D

Trip home wasn't too bad not too much traffic luckily..

Made a quick call to Faye when I was back :)

Sunday... Woke earlyish. then again with sore legs (from sitting in car yesterday ), Had paracetamol.. Slept more.. as a result didn't get out tilla round 11 then didn't 'get up' properly till after 1.

Been a slow day.. a little tidying, some planning, thinking, websurfing.. Many muchnesses:) Had a good natter with Faye this evening..

Now off to bed I think but plenty planned for the week.

Tomorrow I need to pick up prescriptions, mebbe kite a little (best wind forecast is for tomorrow out of the week). That and do some cleaning & make a list ready for transplant clinic on Wed.