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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Has been mad busy today but have acheived several things on the 'Monday/Tuesday' list..


Doing some research into Cranberry extracts.. When I was last in hospital (that Fri night in A&E) the doc I saw suggested I drink cranberry juice on a regular basis.

Now I know some other ICSC users take cranberry extract so this might not be a good idea.

On the first level there is Cranberry Extract. Our local health Shop (The Haelen Centre)

Stuff seems expensive so I am waiting & just drinking bog standard Ocean Spray until I get a doc approval..

The other option is D-Mannose & this is a bit more complex, but is basically a sugar found in the body (and Larch trees apparantly) that stops bacteria sticking to the bladder..

I may look into this as it is reputed to be effective. Its novel thats for sure but anythings got to be better than repeat antibiotics.

Also went to the bank, as I realised I spent notes on that cat the other day.

Came home, sent & drafted a few emails.. Had some lunch.. Did a few more things on computer then went kiting..

A good afternoon and only 1 thing would have made it more perfect and thats being with a certain person.

I have some pics,.. of the giant 'art' on parliament hill.. Will post them later..

Got the brakes adjusted on the LD1.5 flew the Flexi 4 & 6 foots, tried the pyro for a bit..
Wind was OK but pretty gusty.

Was an American guy with a borrowed Flexi 10 but there wasn't really enough wind for him to fly.. Offered him a go on my 4ft but he declined.. Then there was a Brazilian or mebbe Italian guy with a medium NasaWing.. Pulling him like a tractor but good fun! :)

Couple of peeps with other things, it really wasn't busy though ..

Helped a 'frustrated dad' with daughter and mid range delta kite who had no clue, which he openly admitted..

He was standing at right angles to wind, and didn't have the lines unwound, as you do when your a noobie. Advised him to 'stand over there, there winds blowing that way; and get his daughter to 'let the lines right out' . Then left him to it..
Hopefully he'll not have an afternoon of complete failure..

Not the sorta kite I'd take out first time mind, but people get very enthusiastic I guess..

Now off to have a shower etc..

Then supper.. Faye has eye trouble so mebbe a call later tho she sounded tired so mebbe not..

Also bought a couple of 'chosen' songs at 79p each..:) Good stuff..