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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Yesterdays Kiting pics and some kite history..
The NASA Wing NPW5

This kite is a very powerful sparless (eg it has no solid spars or 'sticks' like some kites) was originally by developed by NASA as a steerable parachute to slow down space craft..

Its a rather strange and distinctive shape compared to most kites and its most known feature is that it PULLS like a tractor. Its twitchy to fly (small hand movements are needed to control it) and tends to 'luff' or fold up near very quickly once out of the centre of the wind window.

These are pics of a guy who was being dragged about a bit by his :)
5 Pics of the NasaWing

Finally a pic of my brothers borrowed 4 foot Flexifoil shooting across the front of the camera frame! With the NPW in the background

4 Foot Hotshot & NPW