I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Well supper was Mediterranean casserole, made with braising steak instead of pork. Very nice with boiled spuds.. Rhubarb crumble & ice cream.

I forgot to mention I also pruned a Hypericum today as its the right time to do them. Its now more an identifiable shape & not a tangled mess. Just need to take a saw to some of the old wood. Was gonna start sawing but got soo out of breath I just stopped.

Do it later to tomorrow.

Hygeinist on Tues, Transplant Clinic on Wed. then Fri family comes down, so a packed ish weekend. Somewhere in that lot I have got to do some house cleanin cos no other bugger will do it.

I think one reason I felt crap today is it was a mistake to have a beer last night. Got to keep off them for a while I think and only on special occasions when I 'have' about 2 days to recover!

Need to look up Strawberry leaved Potentilla for josh. OK didn't find a suited pic & just had a rough convo with someone.. We are both really tired, both worried about similar things and both near the end of various tethers..

Oh well sleep needed badly I think..

Gnight all


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