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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Kite Makers Poem
From: http://www.mkf.org.uk/

Kite Satisfaction

You have an idea, and an impulse to sew
metres of ripstop, with your ideas to show.
The plan is ready and its time to begin
this kite making bug is under your skin.

You stitch and stitch right through the night
you're working franticly to finish this kite.
Just one more day it will be complete
thousands of stitches your work's so neat.

You caress this kite with such loving care
its lines so perfect we're almost there.
You take new line and tie on its bridle
you worship it now like some sort of idol.

Your hours of labour are now at an end
your finished kite your new best friend.
The flying sites chosen with greatest care
there's even spectators to stand and stare.

The wind now blows on the back of your neck
there's just time quickly for its pre-flight check.
The hairs on your arms now stand to attention
you're ready to fly now to another dimension.

With one pull on the lines it lifts off to the sky
now its gracefully dancing it just wants to fly.
The set-ups just right it has instant reaction
all that hard work for immense satisfaction.

Losing yourself now to world of your own
your latest kite project just had to be flown.
It climbs so fast to such a great height
it thrilled me no end what a wonderful sight.

We've been here so long its now getting dark
everyone's gone home their closing the park.
With the reel in hand you begin winding line
oh that beautiful kite I wish it was mine.

© Lloyd Kirton