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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Suck it up
Well thats the bathroom, landing, my and parents bedroom , stairs, loo, dads 'office' landing, 2nd set of stairs and hall vacuumed.. I've stopped where I usually do, at the hall.. a) I'm knackered, b) its lunchtime. c) I'm getting too hot.

Guess I'll do it later and then work down through the kitchen etc.

Got to watch the old legs though.

Dad got DLA application off special delivery this morning. 5 quid they rush you for that. He wasn't too happy!

I've of course since thought of a few more things that didn't go on the form... Bruising easily as a side effect of drugs and the state of my knees.. Getting stuff in out of low things, eg the fridge, cupboards, unplugging or plugging in low electrical sockets is something I find more and more difficult.. Getting down is OK, I just can't easily get up again !!

Time for lunch and siesta I think...