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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Hot & Steamy Afternoon
Lunch turned out to be minestrone soup, fresh bread, bit of cheese bit of salad and an apple.

I thought I'd be really snoozy after lunch and the day was really really steaming. The weather hit 30 C here (thats 86 for you Fahrenheit people !) This for London, is pretty hot..

However I did manage to do a little more cleaning.. Mum got caught up in it as well as a result the place is probably cleaner than its been in a while as the hall & living room got done twice!

I even managed to get round to mopping the bathroom and loo... It is exhausting though its all nice and clean now.,..

Couple of phone calls in the afternoon, chatting to a friend, followed by a shower then BBQ for the evening, just a vege burger & BBQ'd banana with icecream and the patio is nice and cool of an evening.

Damn ankles are swollen again so given the time I got up this morning I think I shall try and head for bed soonish tonight, not so close to midnight or past as I normally do..

Tomorrow is supposed to be hot again.. BIG gibbous June moon out there it looks wonderful! :D