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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Hot hot hot!
well tis 1:47 now... a more reasonable time of day!

Did a bit of work on the PC this morning, various odds and sods, bugh a few things, paid a bill (got to stop BUYING things)!!

Not doing too much today but just need to sort out things for going to GP tomorrow morning and hospital tomorrow afternoon.

I'm posting this from downstairs.. Upstairs is just TOOOO hot..
The temperature is at 30 at the moment according to our local weather station http://www.xuelei.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/

Forecast for next week is.. Well still pretty hot.. but more like 25 - 28 than 30. Very little wind tho. Glad I got my kiting in last week.. Tho this is proper BIG (10m +++) kite weather!

Also painted a metallic trough with bitumenastic paint this morning. The idea is it will stop it rusting so much/fast. Will probably use it to replace the plastic one that usually goes outside my room.

Don't seem to be carrying too much fluid today but I am restricting my fluids a bit. Right leg is a bit puffy but not as bad as ydy evening.. I ended up taking a paracetamol cos was twitchy and achy tho.

Must be time for a sarnie or something.. and then we're off to a convert this evening.. Handel's Messiah.. Well for 5 quid a ticket it can't be bad :)