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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Quick update
Have had IV iron for what little it may do.

Also got skin re-referral requested & picked up a GP letter.. Looks like they are gonna try me on some Iron tablets also.. most likely ferrous gluconate.

Don't actually feel too bad considering I've been trekking about London in the heat with dad. Just really tired, but mellow also. Its weird..

Got a sainsbury's sarnie on the way back from hospital and also picked up some cranberry juice & stuff. They are charging now for parking if you stay over a certain time or don't shop.. However it MAY still be cheaper than the pay & display if you do your shopping there anyway.. Its something we are gonna look into a bit!

Might be worth a change of store once a month if it 'saves' a tenner or so in parking.

Had a very light supper, due to eating that roll on the way home.

REALLY itchy feet.. I am gonna have to alter my diet.. Low phosphate, moderate protien and pack some calories in. This should also help with my Uremia I hope.

Tomorrow I need to go to the pharmacy.. pick up & drop off.. And the GP to drop off a few bits of paperwork. Other than that.. expecting some mail :D YAY..

Had a good chat today with Faye & Steve.. progressed a bit with some work.. its bee busy..

Right.. sleep!