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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Sleepy, frustrated, tossed on the horns of a small dillemma
Had restless legs again last night.. this is 3 nights in a row I've had to take panadol just to sleep :( I know its a symptomn of anemia but its one of the worst ones..

I felt very much alone last night for some reason even tho I know I am not..

http://www.rls.org for more info if you don't know what I am on about..

Had a late birthday prezzy today.. Yay! :D :D I like prezzies..

A CD & 2 figures, a rather snuggly bear (this bear is gonna grow on me) and an Angel.. I'm not so sure about the Angel yet but its inscription is I think... the point :)
Listened to half the CD coming out of the shower & its a pretty good mix ;D

Been food shopping with dad.. Mad people are roasting in the sun out there.. One of them, my mother, has just departed for the allotment.. NUTS!

Time for a bit of pizza for lunch, I may sleep this afternoon..

I am in a bit of a dillema re travelling at the end of July.. I'm waiting for a reply from my brother to see if I can get to Marruk Bay with him or not.. He's keen for me to come as I'm more interested in kites than a lot of the rest of the party.. However at the moment there may not be room..

The other thing is they wouldn't return to Manchester until the Sat.. What I need is a way of getting either to Faye's on the Fri, or back to my brothers before then, so that I can then get to Faye's on Fri.

Its at times like this I REALLY wish dad would sort out a new small car to replace our battered old BRICK of a Sierra.. Then I can borrow it..

If Marruk doesn't work out I will just train it to Leeds and Skipton like last time. Something will work out.. I just don't like the uncertainty...

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Hun .. if it turns out that you can't get to mine until the Saturday then that's fine. I don't want you to miss out on the trip to Marruk Bay if there's room for you. You NEED the break more then anything.

As I've said before, you can stay at mine for as long as you need too (as long as you don't mind the place to yourself during the day midweek).

And yes, the inscription on the Angel IS the point :)

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