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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Flowers & a cat
The front garden is looking pretty good.. All the pics on this entry taken today.

The buddlia are just coming into flower. and everything else is pretty lush..

I don't usually go for 'frilly' stuff but with plants I tend to make exceptions..

This opium poppy is one such.. They last a day or so max, and then are gone.

In our porch we have a rather interesting mix of potted stuff and climbers..

So I have a cactus flower juxtaposed with Passiflora..

Finally in the back garden, the Phygelius, devils tears, are looking fine..


Some of the offsets of this may well go on ebay I think.

And last but not least.. Remember June 11th..??? (what?? You don't???) When I bought the 'cat' statue with mum...

Well here it is!

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I bet Ned and Cleo love that ;)

The flowers/plants are looking good though hun :D

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