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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Very odd dream
Very odd dream earlier..

I was staying somewhere, it might have been in hospital as there was a kind of communal eating area/day room type set up.
I think mum was there.

For some reason there was a guy learning to be a chef, he was a catering student and the conversation turned to bread. He got into a discussion with the real cook about how easy it was to make bread. The student had obviously never made bread before, anyway to prove his point the cook disappeared off and came back 20 or so minutes later absolutely covered in flour with a new white loaf. I remember he had so much flour on his face and glasses there was no way he could have seen out!!

Very weird.

Then for some reason bread was being made in that room and we were looking at recipes, preprinted ones on container lids with handwritten ones on the back. For some reason one of them had marrow in it!!

Any guesses??

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Here was me thinking I was the one who had strange dreams! LOL

I'll take a look in my dream book when I'm at home and see what it comes up with.

BREAD: 1. Dreaming of bread connects us with our need for basic emotional and biological satisfaction. 2. Bread is symbolic of life itslf. It is food of the soul and can also represent the need to share.

There's no explanation for Chef or Receipes in there .. but I think the bread thing is quite .. fitting.

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