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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Hot day
Finally got up around 10ish.. Had to get out of bed rather fast to answer the door as Dad was in the shower. It was the 2 items I'd ordered from Play.com.. not necessary goods but probably quite fun.. I think someone will enjoy at least one of them when I meet in July :p

Had puffed wheat for brekkie :)

STILL waiting for that kite I bought... Grrrr I have PM'd the guy to say I am not happy.
What annoys me most is that he promised it first the same week, then by the end of the next week. Neither time has he delivered.

If he doesn't reply to this PM by the end of the week, Sunday.. I am taking his name public on the forum.

I think my main job today will be keeping cool, but doubtless I will get a few bits done also. Gonna go and do a few things, put away some laundry before my room overheats ... Phew...