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"Fools may become wise"

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Had ratatouille for supper, then tea & an oat & honey biccy or so whilst chatting to Faye. :)

Mum rang up this morning at 7:35... Lucky I was up then on one of my unable to sleep patches. Her flight to Paphos went very well and she had been out for a meal and in the pool this morning... Was off shopping and starts teaching her course tomorrow. its not much hotter there than here.. A few degrees.

Anyway not much else to do tonight.. its clouded over so I doubt I'll see any moon.

That Kite..

Well, I got a PM back from the guy who sold me the kite.. It reads thus:
"sorry dude, ive had major probs here dude, your parcel will bewith you tomorrow afternoon or saturday morning for sure, i promise i am not messing you about, and yes the money was paid in on the monday but because it was transfered via your a b account, didnt hit mine till the friday, when as you know i was on holiday. Promise dude, you will have your kite this week!!"

We'll see. He's not previously said the money was delayed (it was an online bank transfer so I find that a teeny bit dubious, though as from an Abbey Account to a Natwest so...) and he doesn't state what his 'major problems' were. Other than that I have no reason to disbelieve him.. But he ain't got much week left to promise with.!

Wish me luck

More tomorrow if not later)


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