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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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What you do not need first thing.. A duff web connection
Took a short walk last night.. No sign of moon.. Did have the effect of making my legs ache though .. I need to get out more regularly :(

I ended up taking paracetamol & still having restless, achy legs.. Woke up 6:30ish feeling pretty shite..

Feeling a bit better now 8:57 am and ready to mebbe face some breakfast.

What WASN'T amusing is that I went to check email & the network seems to be down on the G4 :( I SEEM to have traced it to the ethernet switch upstairs. It seemed very hot so I have unplugged it, and connected this mac directly to the router.. That seems to have done the trick on the internet & email front..

It means no printer at the mo but I will try plugging it in again later and see if it resolves..

If its a knackered switch only I can live with that.. They are not expensive eg about 15 quid...

Time for a bit of brekky.. I've also had a shave and that feels nice...

Hmmm that boozy thing..

Your Gemini Drinking Style

You can drink without changing their behavior much.
You're so naturally chatty and short-attention-spanned that it's just hard to tell sometimes.
You amaze people by conversing with finesse and allusions, then doing something to belie an extremely advanced state of intoxication, like puking in your shoe.

You possess the magic ability to flirt successfully (and uninfuriatingly, which is very tricky) with several people at once.
You like to order different cocktails every round -- repetition is boring!
You may create a drinking theme (like yellow drinks: beer, sauvignon blanc and limoncello) for your own amusement.
Your Signature Cocktails
Easily bored Geminis need some stimulation in their drinks -- those with two parts, like a black and tan (or just a double), are particularly appealing. Otherwise, you'll drink all over the map, ordering frou-frou drinks to add to you collection of cocktail monkeys or going for whiskey rocks because you're feeling rather noir. Gemini rules the herb anise -- home-infused anise vodka is sure to win you over.
Your Celebrity Drinking Buddies
Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie, Kylie Minogue, the Olson Twins, Colin Farrell, Ice Cube, Natalie Portman, and Mr. T