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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Bleagh... I'm up & awake
Woke up around 5:30ish.. had a headache.. Made tea eventually took a paracetamol..

Went back to bed but dreamt restlessly... Fragment images of sex, food, frustration, being bullied.. not anything nice in most of the sequences..

Then I woke up with stomach ache.. its cleared now I think just a touch of indigestion or gas. Not sure what today will bring but I think I will try & get up to the allotment for a short while, mebbe out in the garden & do some stuff & take some photos.

Weleda package of massage oils arrived this morning, speedy & well packed as usual.. I forgot to say that when I ordered their site errored on me so I'd emailed them to check it hadn't passed the transaction twice. I got a nice call to confirm it hadn't..
Superb customer service as always despite their slightly quirky website.

WWW.WELEDA.CO.UK is the weblink. They have been going 80 years this year as a company :)

I also need to get to Boots early before it gets too busy, and mebbe order up a few bits for Mike's BD. The Ozone hat..

Seems like a good bet.. But what I might do is post on the kiting forum for ideas! LOL

I'm very tempted by the Ozone Wallet as well, as my card holder is more or less defunct now..

It looks very much like my KITE has arrived also. At least.. its a cardboard tube shaped packet!. Finally ! So a little kiting MAY be on the agenda.

Time to get dressed & get on..