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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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One of my early wake ups... this is getting irritating!

its cool and quiet.. The most noise has been from the cat wanting OUT! and some crows flying over. Debating wether to get up, make a brew, go back to bed..

Might just go & do some list making sat in bed with a brew..

My ear hurts a bit as well..

Forgot to blog yesterday I have had assurances from the kite guy that handles & lines will be in the post next week.. We'll see......

Was looking at kites at http://www.ahlerts.de/ again!

I need to make some ebay cash to spend there :D I really like that air guitar kite but its not cheap.. €180. Mind you there are cheaper things, €30 & up that I quite like :D.
LOL Damn addict! :)