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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Frantic searching
After some frantic searching I've found my library card.. It was on the slidey out bit of my desk and had got slid in.. ! I was going a bit mental.. Can relax now as I've renewed my books!

Need to go & dig up 6 Iris to post to an ebayer..

Zzzzzzzz I think I want to sleep on a beach... ....

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Yep .. it's official .. I NEED to come to yours and sort out your room! At least then you can find your library card easier ;)

What are we gonna do with you huh!?! LOL

At least you've only lost your library card, I've lost my ATM card, so I can't get any money out at the moment. BTW, I don't know about London libraries, but I'm fairly sure that if you phone up Oxon libraries and give them the book number they can find it on their computer and renew it for you (I didn't deal with that side of things when I did work experience, mainly I stamped books and stacked shelves)

I've given up reading my Friends' back pages before reading these pages; I'll *never* catch up, so if I mentiom anything you've already covered, you know why :)

True I could do this, but that means talking to library staff, which means navigating the automated telephone system of doom! ;)

Anyway I found it, logged on, and renewed :)

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