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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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The later part of the day..

What a snoozy afternoon.. Took some pics of flowering cactus.. Will post later. Too tired right now..

Feeling a bit down & need to sleep but just pushing on. Got the ebay order off, had tea, watched Simpsons.. Gonna fill in the NKF booking form for Sept/Oct soon.

Hopefully my Ebay kites are on the way. AND also the lines & handles for the previously bought rare Flexi Hotshot.

Dad got the planters off the patio & up on the wall. they look good.


I planted up the 2 Fuchsia josh gave me & they are now also installed.

Need to do EPO & have a shower & I am more or less done for the day..

Supper was pork stir fry & noodles. Had yoghurt & honey for dessert.. Bit naughty but the acidophulus will do me some good i hope!


EDIT : Almost forgot.. We have a weather warning for localised flooding and heavy thundery showers for tomorrow.. Sounds fun, at the moment!!