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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Tuesday - Little bit UP, little bit DOWN
Got up around 9ish.. woken again by postie delivering parcel.. More kites, this time the 2 extremly cheap butterflies.. They are small (less than a metre) but pretty cool for around £3.50 a piece :D Yet to see how they fly of course!

Getting out of bed that fast ISN'T good for me at the mo... Eugh....

Gradually came round, had muesli for brekky & a brew.

Did a few bits and went food shopping with dad..

I am in a slightly better mood than yesterday. In need of hugs still though and feeling VERY frustrated by the symptoms of my health. I just want to not get tired at the speed of light, to fall asleep, and to have the energy to DO stuff, drive places, see people.. At the moment that is making me feel so restricted.

I know the feeling will pass but today its strong & annoying.

Anyway tis a beautiful day here.. The purple Passionflower is flowering.. Need to take cuttings (& photos) ! I think I know someone who'd like one..

Must be getting on for lunchtime! :)