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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Well went & did weekly food shop..

Picked up prescription..

Spent time online for rest of afternoon.

LOL at the song iTunes has put in on this entry! Aaaah Python! Truly great!

Trying to get images for web album into some sort of shape.. JAlbum doesn't seem to do quite as good a job of batch processing as GC..

ANyways got to go & sort a postal prescription! Busy busy..

:) More later

Oh.. irritation. At 5:30 mum asks what shall we have for supper.. Hellow! Like.. rest of day to work that one out.. all the shops are shut!!! Arrrrgh!

Oh well..

Todays Pic..
Kite flying IS fun

Me flying a quad lined Rev (Revolution) which I'd borrowed at the Brighton Kite Festival in 2004. I actually have one of these kites.. but its in New England right now !!

Kite flying is FUN!

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I found your journal through the kidney community. How long have you had your transplant? I hope you don't mind that I added you.


Same number of years as yourself, except mine was done in Jan, not Oct :)

I added you to my MSN buddies so feel free to say Hi..( in case you wonder who the weird person who added you is its probably me :D )



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