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"Fools may become wise"

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Snoozed and felt better
Had a goats cheese & red pepper quiche with bread & salad for lunch..

Then felt snoozy & had the best 2 hour nap I've had in a while! :) I feel much more 'human' & normal than I have in a long time..

Its clouded over but still really warm. No thunderstorms yet but the forecasters are saying later this evening :) Cool I love night time storms!

Took the opportunity (as I felt reasonably OK for once, a rare occasion these days) to move the excess cactus out of the greenhouse. As a prequel to cleaning it out a bit ready for the winter. I need to sell off some though I think.

Missed the Simpsons, watered the plants. SUpper is gonna be chicken, vegetables & Pasta:)

Haven't tried my new kites yet but if we keep getting wind like this it could be good..

Right.. got a call to make :)


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