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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Spring Day
Well here it is peeps

My first journal entry.. this LJ is a 'temporary measure until I get my MT journal sorted on my own webspace.. Short & sweet cos I am still getting used to LJ

Got up & showered had brekky & meds as usual.

Spent the morning out in the garden, mowing lawn & generally poking about.
Weather here is nice & set to be great for the weekend.
The frogs certainly seem to know its springtime, about 40 pairs all reproducing in our little pond.

Had lunch then spent the afternoon writing emails & DTP'ing a newsletter I help with.

Supper a bit of a joke, mums teaching. Had a row with her earlier about some daftness but she never listens, only hears what she wants. So I am a bit peeved about that.