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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Finally the storm came
Had a chat to Faye after supper. :). Thought it was odd getting no response to my txts but it looks like they got stuck queued. Probably due to the storms or flippin Vodafone maintenance or something

Finally the storms have come & what a relief.. Heavy rain, thunder & lightning.. WHoohooo

Tried photographing some.. Results so far, not very good.. Will try more if they continue..

Right off for a snack & then bed methinks! :)

Cat has been very 'needy'. I think its the weather.. It will be happy when mum is back tomorrow..

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Yay for thunderstorms. It came right over us last night. - Dad was watching the beginning of Fellowship of the Ring - what was Thunder/flashes from the film, which was the storm?

Yeah, Blitzen is very needy too. I hadn't connected it with the weather, but it prob. is.

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