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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Average Day
Woke up around 5:30ish.. felt pretty grot.. I didn't sleep at ALL well last night.. Restless twitchy etc..

Slept again until around 8/ 9ish..

Got up.. slowly..

Eventually got 'going' around 11 and walked round to the post office with dad.. nearly tripped over twice as my feet felt heavy! Flipping Haringey pavements eh!

Put in passport renewal.. It now costs £42.

Also bought a load of stamps.. should keep me going for a while..

Was getting pretty hot on the way back. Sun burning down..

Had a bowl of soup for lunch & 1 slice of bread & butter.. By that time I was really dropping.. Snoozed after lunch & read but really didn't 'drop off' properly.

Spent most of afternoon getting used to GarageSale & putting stuff on Ebay. Its quite a good client.. Good enough to get me to part with 25 dollars! :)

Supper was stew, rice, spuds broad beans.. Might have a snack later

Mum got back around 11. Night all :)