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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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One morning at 6am
Well regular service has been resumed..

That is, mum's back.. Usual levels of irritation..

Woke up this morning to go to loo, you get this 'voice' talking to you out of the other room.

I think she's a little more cloth eared than usual from the flight as well as at 6am this is a normal 'loud' voice.. Most peeps would be a bit hushed at that time!

Yep.. Normal service HAS been resumed.

That said it looks like a nice enough day! So far.. Slept reasonably well last night also.

She bought me a small crucifix (traditional Cypriot type thing) in Sterling silver (its claimed) back.. Another 'thing'. I generally wear nothing round my neck so this will probably join the others gathering dust on my bedside table.. The thought is sweet but its un-me..