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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Ups, downs & Kitestuff
Had a long chat with Faye after supper..

Then had a chat with my bro.. things are possibly coming together for the end of the month.. Am I that lucky!!??

Not a lot else that I wish to talk about.. Some things in life are :( and some are :) thats the way the damn cookie shatters it seems. Next month seems to be getting busier..

Nothing planned for this weekend. Next weekend is Brighton Kite Festival. Items will be bought, maybe sold, and kites will be flown! :)

The only other Fest on the calender really is Wakefield Kite Festival on the 25th September. Its allegedly on Heath Common in Wakefield but the organisers have no obvious information on it so I've emailed them!

There is of course One Sky One World in October but this is a personal thing kindoff.. Or at least it can be.
Might be cool to DO something for it this year though. :)