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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Clinic - poor but stable
Poor but stable.. is how my nephrologist described my kidney function.

A surprisingly smooth clinic visit out by 10ish after which I went for a 'Special' (English Breakfast) at the Cafe. The Star Cafe is a rather special place.. Very friendly & cheap & tasty too :) Must remember to click a pic next time I am down there..

So awaiting todays bloods (if they are OK then no phonecall) and if nothing then back in a month, all things allowing. He was concerned about my low Hb (so am I it makes me feel crap) However I 'feel' like its slowly coming up, though the breathlessness is still a worry. Still he's been told & is unworried..

He had a student with him, now I don't do students as a rule, but....
a) it was the head shed I was seeing
b) she was reasonably cute.. (I know I know I'm such a sap for these female docs!! )

anyways goodish clinic tho I usually feel comfortable with this guy.

Home by 11:30.. Knackered but OK so thats not bad

The weather has turned cold & nasty tho (with breaks of bright sunshine, of course!)

anyways just chatting now.. some bad news :(, some good.. I'm pretty tired but just snoozing on.. Not sure how much of the bad I can take.. My renal counsellor had to cancel (he's ill) so I haven't quite vented this week like I'd expected to be able to.

I might have to go and shout at some trees or something..

Got a mate coming over tomorrow & gonna have a chat with someone I talk to really well tonight :D Which is good..

Tata for now peeps.