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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Nice day kiting :)
Got up to Parliament Hill with dad around 2:30 - 3pm. Nice overcast day, light breeze around 10mph I reckon mebbe up to 15.

Spent some time flying the Hotshots (mine & my brothers) stacked to warm up... Stacked 'inline' as I don't have the stacking lines made up yet...
First time I've flown them stacked & its fun.. REALLY light & relaxing.. Can't wait to try them in something stronger tho:)

The 6 & 8 stayed in the bag today :)

Took some piccies but they are not very
Flew the butterfly I bought of Ebay for £3.50.. Flew OK and fun for the price.. Gonna get some long light line for that & the other. Tended to dive to the left a little. That may be the wind or may just need balancing a bit. For £3.50 I'm not complaining & will be leaving some +tive feedback :)

Now for some pics Had to edit these up a bit, being such an overcast day the colours were just not showing very bright against the sky.

The second butterfly

The second Butterfly.

Flexifoil Hotshots, stacked

The Hotshots stacked, flown by ME!

Had the Little Devil 2.1 out for the first time in a while.. Got dragged momentarily, I have a nice small bruise coming on my right elbow. Oh well..

Was out of breath walking up the hill but dare I say it seemed a tiny bit easier today?? ?? We'll see.. I am pretty tired now tho.

Had a nice apple turnover & mug of tea when I came back.

Gave Andy a call back when I got home as she left me a VM. She is off & away in 2 days.. Good luck gal :)

Gave Faye a call, she was at the hotel well on the way to getting ready for her night out! :) Gals just gotta have some fun eh! ;)

Supper was chicken with peppers & onion + Brown Basmati Rice & sweetcorn..

Had a beschuitje & cheese after.. Was gonna have Hagel's on it but they were out of date..

Another brew & just blogging (With Virgin Radio on! Party Classics.. I got me my own party going on! :) YAY ) & forum reading. I guess everyone is 'evented' out as there are more things going on what with Live8, the G8 demos this week, the Gay Pride Carnival, Party in the Park, the Wimbledon, the Cricket and not to mention Local events like our own Hornsey carnival :)...

Did mean it was generally quieter out :) I think a shower before I go to bed.. Nowt on telly..