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Grey Monday
Got to bed around midnight last night. Read till around 1ish I think...

Felt achy this morning when I woke but that didn't surprise me much. This was around half 5.. Took 1 paracetamol & went back to bed after a drink. Snoozed till after 9.

Got up, had brekky, went shopping with dad.

Back, done a few emails, had a minor disagreement with mum about the phone! It rings.. I get expected to answer it even though I'm upstairs & she's in just the next room! Then she gets narky with me when she misses it!

I really don't care, most of my friends have my email address & mobile number anyway and if people REALLY want to talk to ya.. They'll try more than once!

However I must look into getting the phone fixed up in this room.. Its irritating.

Time for lunch then I need to do those cuttings, rain or no rain (its grey & showering here right now.)

Those of you who have time may have noticed I've added quite a few things to my Friends listings so there's more to read on my friends links now.. :D

Lunch soon methinks.. Dad's made some soup, smelled really good when it was cooking last night :D

Oh and my train tickets (return) for August arrived :) Cool!


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