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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Afternoon, seems like I didn't do much
Snoozed in front of telly after lunch.. Unusual for me but I am feeling pretty tired.
Roused myself up eventually & went to take pics of Sempervivums before the hour of the Yardape (end of school.)

Houseleeks flowering on front wall


'Fitness to Practice' by the Amateur Transplants is now back in production.. Get your copy here: http://www.thefridayproject.co.uk/fitness/ Money goes to Macmillan Cancer Relief

Got a few plant cuttings done. Phygelius, Abutilon & Passiflora (The purple one)
Decided I need a trip to the Clockhouse for a few things, namely a couple of replacement buddlia (white & the Black Night) some different coloured Phygelius as well as fine grit (seems to be hard to get) and Perlite & Vermiculite.

Got a quick call from Faye just to sort out a package. As I'd expected, Hollister seem to be a little slow on the supply front.

Other than that thats about it, chatted to Vikki from KPG and Jess from US while online:)

Need to make shoppings list for the Fest this weekend, and hope JR gets back to me.