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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Les Bid Olympic!
So, a bit later today we found out if London has won the olympic bid!

Apparantly our prime minister said "My entire Government and the main opposition parties are united behind this bid. It's the nation's bid and it has united people across the country."..

Strange, he never asked me. Personally I think the Olympics are nothing more than another chance for the government to make another brilliant fuck up, as they've done with so many things.

London is in enough of a state as it is without more disruption.

So.. if we don't get it :) Thanks god! :D

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Hmm ... well if we do get the Olympics (and part of me hopes we do) and the organisation is anything like the Commenwealth Games a few years back then it'll be a success!!

Never have I been to an event that's so well organised as that! I'll be applying for Olympic tickets if we get it for sure.

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