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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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(no subject)

Can I add, Damn & Blast to that,

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<h1>Can I add, Damn & Blast to that,<h1\>

<p>And various other unprintable expletives..

Indy media makes some good reading, and some good points about what will be destroyed to make way for this short term minimal use project.

However, whatever happens Tony & co will get there pensions and be safe & warm even if its turns out to be a domesque style project.

I think I'll become an MP.. good expenses and a guaranteed FAT pension even if you do fuck up bigtime.. Hell you might even get a bonus for that.. Gotta be better than the lottery :) Sheesh, if Boris Johnson can do it !

Welcome to the BigMacCola Olympics (yes folks they are 2 of the big sponsors..) Are you lovin' it yet??

All I can say is, I'll wait and see.. I'm not paying a fortune (on top of the increased taxes during the next 7 years, which is what we'll get, somehow or other) just to see some highly paid prat kick a modern day pigs bladder around, for example..

London can't cope as a city as it is compared to other European cities, In 7 years thats gonna change ? Give me the next laugh!