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Nasty big bang
Nasty happenings in London this morning, an apparent terrorist attack. Several underground stations and a bus blew up.

SO far 2 confirmed dead though there are unreported reports of up to 40.

An LJ community has been set up:

Really spent the morning like many, watching the scene unfold and keeping in touch with friends and family.

Luckily everyone so far seems to be OK that I know of. I just hope I don't get any bad news forthcoming...

It's alleged to be an Al Quaeda attack. The worst thing is Aldgate that was hit is literally 5 minutes from London's famous East London Mosque and the area is heavily Muslim based :( Hitting your 'own' people for a cause is surely the action of a desperate, cold blooded minority?

Image of East London Mosque

By lunchtime a confused picture was unfolding, news was beginning to consist of repeat statements so I turned off for a bit and carried on. What else can you do?

Took an early lunch then went out to Enfield to Mill's/the Clockhouse.
Got more or less what I wanted except the Buddlia, several plants for the new hardy window trough, and a Phygelius. Also couldn't resist some giant stakes (possible use as kite stakes?) or a hardy Fuchsia.

The only thing I didn't pick up there, was the grit I needed. Thompson's of Crewes Hill provided that for £1.80 a good price. :) And if you want an example of how NOT to do a website, this is it!!

Unsurprisingly it wasn't that busy...

Traffic wasn't too bad, being out of London.

Got my order of catheters in today.. Was a bit surprised at the size of the box, on opening to find 7 boxes!! Thats the total prescription. Rang up to check, it seems they have over despatched, so they are now 3 boxes 'short'... No skin off my nose! They said they want a prescription for them but I'm not gonna bother as its their error.

Right, got a few bits to do.. More later..

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Glad you're okay. I was about to email you about meeting up in London, when Mum and I visit and then this happens... speak to you soon

Hey it'd be really good to see you soon, its been too many years now ..


I heard the awful news...I'm glad you are okay.

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