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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Busy Friday
Went to pick up my suit trousers this morning.. Picked up a new handy hand/travel shaving mirror in M&S whilst there. It is in 3 parts & folds over onto itself, nifty. Saw a possible prezzy for my bro if I don't get something this weekend for him

Came home, had lunch...

Spent some time online. Got ebay parcel packed up, newsletter draft finished, got to PO & chemist with prescription with dad

Fell asleep in front of Simpsons at 6ish , again!.. I should start napping in the afternoon!

So I've managed to get through some of the things on my list...

Still need to prep for the kite fest tomoz.. :) should be good. Then next week is busy..

Sorta half wishing I was gonna be at the 2CVGB international now.. But I'll be doing something special at the end of the month anyway. There are future internationals but not in the UK for another 20 years.

Not doing well on 2CV stuff this summer, already missed the London to Brighton.

Next week.. Bodes to be busy.. Clinic on Wed & possible meeting on Fri, then semi definite on Sat.!!

I also need to get down to Guy's and see Kerry at some point on a TTS evening. May well do that with dad one evening tho as its an after 9 trip it should be good to drive & park for a bit.

Got another DLA letter to tell me they are talking to my GP as well as consultant.. They can but talk.. We'll see.!