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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Not enough Wind!
Brighton Kite fest yesterday wasn't as good as I'd hoped.. Wind stayed feeble all day & just about started to pick up as I left.. I think I was already too tired to enjoy myself when I got there as well. Even with dad to help & carry stuff the day seemed laborious.. Mind you, today would have been even hotter (high's of 30C) and I'd have been worse I think.

Had a bit of a go on the large NasaWing, but there wasn't enough wind for even that really! :(
Bought the 6m pole I had on my list and a couple of bits of spar for a kite project. Which I REALLY should get on with.

If it wasn't for anemia etc I'd be camping I think, but as it is these things just get in the way and irritate the hell out of me.

Not done too much today.. Woke early several times, slept pretty well last night but then I did take 2 paracetamol before bed.

Very hot outside. Looking at map Fryent Country Park looks promising as a kiting location, esp as it has a hay meadow that gets cut about this time of year. Need to check that out as its not soooo far away. Its big though. 106 acres.!

Only thing I've really 'done' today is prep a 'KiteEatingTree' image for my SEKA T-Shirt (or mebbe a hoody) which I will order when the site is back up..!