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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Its hot... its steamy..

Had brekky on the patio while it was still cool.. Muesli & bacon & egg & toast:)

Went up to pot shop to look at the statue on approval.. The usual manager, Dave, wasn't there, some woman instead. We didn't unfortunately like the statue. Not quite what we looked at before.

However I bought another planter for some cactus.. Same 'wall mounting' as before.. Cheeky cow charged me 6 quid saying they were the same as the others that had holes in.. Couldn't be arsed to argue but I'm sure they were 3.. This one, last one.. didn't have a price on! I'm sure I have a receipt somewhere tho!..

Anyway Couldn't be bothered for a couple of quid. Nearly feel over a teak coffee table on my way out.. gonna have a nice bruise to go with the scratch on my leg presently!

Sigh.. must be time for lunch.. This afternoon.. Library mebbe later, pharmacy when its cooler.
Pay Visa bills.. need to do that, possibly online!