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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Crap day
A generally crap day. I slept a lot this afternoon, mainly cos I couldn't last night..

Had a sore throat this morning..

Haven't done some of the stuff I wanted to do today which is a pig, did get a few bits done.

So right now I am feeling cranky & irritable and trapped..

I want to be out & about doing stuff but instead I am here reliant on everyone else and trapped cos they bugger off and do their own thing. I probably don't have the energy anyway..

I want to be out in the open flying a giant delta kite, or a 3D model, or helping someone else in the garden, or just out having a drink with mates without having to feel like shit for 3 days after cos I'm so bloody knackered.

To have enough energy to drive somewhere & back in a day..

I think once I have my finances sorted out at the end of the month I am gonna look at 1 or 2 large kites from alherts. I am seriously getting into the single line thing. I want to try & make Portsmouth international at the end of August as well if I can.. We'll see.

Nearly time for supper.. I'm just grumping at everyone today... :( Bleagh...