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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Clinic today...
Well after todays clinic which I've kinda blogged up at: damned_dialysis.

Clinic was pretty routine but figures are not the greatest.

From last time,
Creatinine 650
phosphate 1.7.. I REALLY need to start watching my diet.

I was also up in weight, most of which is probably fluid. This despite wearing different clothes due to hot weather..

Anyway, went through the usual things.. I guess most depends on todays & the next months or so results.. There IS of course the issue of dialysis. I know how crap the dialysis situation is in London and there is some indication that its a 'solution' to keep some patients off dialysis rather than get them on it sooner. This is of course all talk, but....

The long & the short of it is dead patients are very very cheap.

So.. I know I will need dialysis soon... When exactly is uncertain.

Other than that I feel pretty good considering how shit my figures are.. Even the doc said so!

If I don't get called today or Fri, then bloods in 2 weeks, Clinic in a month...

Its exceedingly hot here, so I guess I'd best be off to do some other stuff..

Adious for now.

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Sorry that your appt didn't go as well. Are the doctors thinking of placing you on dialysis soon? You are in my thoughts...

Hiya thinking of u hope things work out 4 the better for u . Just waiting game etc doesn't help anticipation etc - worse part I rekon?.Ups n downs - rollercoaster of life eh?.

best wishes Elaine Rach & family :D

Hiya *big hugs* Sorry about your health. Thinking about you a lot. - I'm emailing you in a bit :)

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