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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Waste of time!!
Thought I was gonna get up & do stuff this morning..

Was near after 10 by the time I got together, tablets, epo, catheter, washed/brushed etc!

Got to Wood Green and found neither me or dad had any change. For some reason he didn't want to ask anyone for change ????

So bought the frozen food shopping first! then we leave it in the car on a hot day!??

I don't get it.. Anyway we ended up getting into a dumb argument about that.

Then in TK Max I'd intended to look at smart shirts, all he could do was make smartarse comments about the original prices and take the piss.. I pointed out that yes people DO pay 60 quid for a shirt with a label even if they are all produced in some sweathouse in china but thats society for ya.

He's a great one to talk anyway as he buys 98% of his clothes from M&S, who although they have their uses, are pretty expensive anyway. And its all cheaply made in China or wherever.

Anyway his comments just put me right off so I came away with nothing..

I know I've forgotten a load of stuff I was gonna do & get down there so really the trip has been a waste of time and money..

I usually think of things late at night, intend to write them down & then think I can remember them in the morning and fall asleep.

When I wake up of course I can't remember JACK!

Grrrr Fucking hell!

So.. its 12:38 pm and I've done sweet FA of any use whatsoever!

I am also a bit p'd off with a few people for being infantile jackass's online. They should grow up & know better.