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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Jake & Bit of shock
Had lunch..

Parcel arrived after, work related & expected.. We've had about 3 packages today one for each of my parents as well.

Then Jake called.. He's OK.. Got gigs on at the end of the month..

Everyone go and SEE...


shame their samples are in WMA.. didn't load too well here..

Then got a call from clinic.. Bit of a shock I was expecting the worst!
It was only to check if I'd had chicken pox!!!! As there'd been someone in the waiting room yesterday whose contracted it, and its unwise if your a transplant patient and not had it!

Luckily I have so should have antibodies against it!
Not that with my current function it makes much difference but still glad not to have it!

whew.. Anyway its too hot here.. Think I will go put my feet up!