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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Morning & Afternoon - some good news.
Got up after sleeping again around 10ish.. My legs ache and I took paracetamol before I went back to bed this morning.

Walked round shops with dad to post ebay item at PO (recorded). Got a few bits of food shopping we needed & picked up majority of meds from chemist.

Came home.. spent some time online..
had a bit of lunch late.. around 2ish.. Tried to snooze.. got woken up by several things then a call from the hospital.

For once some goodish news.. or at least not worse news.. My creatinine is slightly lower, much the same really down from 650 to 619.. which isn't significant.

But the good news is my Hb is closer to 10! Its now 9.6 :) Yay.. lets hope this trend continues in the next 2 weeks :D I know someone other than myself who should be pleased.. :)

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WOOHOO **dances around**

That's like the best news I've had all day :D

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