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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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SNoozy Friday the weekend beckons
SNoozed a bit more after phone call.

We had a BBQ supper :) around 7 - 8ish..

Burgers,, corn on the cob (YUMMY:) ) fresh grilled courgettes from our allotment and Boozy Barbecue'd Bananas (bananas in foil with butter, muscavado sugar, lemon juice and 'Ron Meil' (honey rum) Delish..)

THen spent some time typing up notes for tomorrows Exec meeting.. Earlyish start as I'll have to leave around 9:30ish.
Called Faye had a chat.. watched some Bond & here I am :)

Off to bed now :) Zzzzzzz

Busy busy.. Bit concerned about someone but I've been reassured...

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Hiya - banana's sound lovely, too bad I can't have any...

Thanks for the mention in your blog :-) I'm very very tired today, so can't say much more. I would sleep, but it's too hot!

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