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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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What've I done today?
Crawled out of bed about 10ish, got up eaten, showered, got sorted, taken meds.

Got out to post a parcel.. Turned out to be cheaper than I thought as I'd misweighed it

Also robbed the hole in the wall. Partly to pay for parcel, partly for this weekend.

Bought Beef (for tonight) & fresh bread with dad.. Turnovers that I've already eaten one of for tea.

Ordered a new watch strap ( 3 quid) as my old one broke last week

Replied to a couple of emails

Been hailed on. The weather is 'April Showers' Bright sunshine/blue skies interspersed with Thunder/Lightning rain & hail.

Posted off kidney questionaires from local candidates.. Amazing some of the answers you get.. Conservative wrote 'Dunno' on each question!!

Jakes just left.. spent a couple of hours working out a photo poster for him..

In the end decided to 'risk' one from www.pixaco.co.uk

Not a bad price, well under a fiver and hopefully, finger crossed.


I'm still anemic. its official.
I tried to be clever yesterday and get my Nephrologist to write a prescription for more EPO. Usually I get this sorted by the EPO nurse.

Anyway the pharmacist didn't like his prescription so wouldn't dispense it.

I decided in the end just to call my EPO nurse as she usually sorts these things out anyway. My hb (from yesterdays test) was 8.3 (down from 8.6) so I still need the stuff.
She's sending a correctly written (I hope) FP10!

I don't feel too bad but I get badly out of breath when i walk..:( NOT GOOD.

Anyways it was her last day.. She's off on maternity leave so won't speak to her for a while.

Just waiting for supper. Dad is cooking Goulash tonight (Da Comarade :) ) and I didn't eat that much lunch so I am HUNGRY.. Just gonna fill in with chatting & doing emails:)