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There be dragons on Ebay!
SLept before lunch.

Had lunch, soup & cheese on toast. I actually feel quite good with fluid today.. Not too overloaded which makes a change. Ankles aren't over fat at all. I'm putting it down to sitting in a hot room most of yesterday.

Beef stir fry of sorts for supper.

Mooched about a bit this afternoon, watched some of the absolute crud that is Swiss family Robinson! Yeugh..

A friend of mine had a transplant a day or so ago.. Sent a txt asking her to ring me when she's feeling up to it.. Tis early days yet. :)

OK where does the dragon come in. Well yes I've been spending some of my Paypal funds again.. I could stash em away, but I needed a beast for the 'themed fly in's' at the kite fests. What you have is themes around 'the elements' so a dragon is good for Air & the 'Mythical Beasts' category. I guess I need a fish or something for water. Mind you the dragon also fits into Fire so he's a multitasking beastie.. 1.7 metres wingspan so I hope he's a good 'un.

Ye Olde Dragon!

And yep I couldn't resist a 'pole sleeve' for the 6 metre pole I bought at Brighton so I can stick all the wind toys up on it :) (including the fish windsock). And a bright Box kite cos I've always liked the look of them as single liners :D Yay..

The madness has me!

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Tsk! What am I gonna do with you and the kites!?!

Actually ... that dragon one does look pretty cool so may JUST let you off ;)

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