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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Not done a lot.. Seems like the day has just gone without my involvement..

Went food shopping with Dad to Tesco.. Fell asleep in car on the way there.

came back
Had pizza for lunch, slept till 4 afterwards..

Woke up.. Dad was going off to the plot. Walked round to the chemist for Neoral prescription when he returned. picked up some mints & popcorn on the way back..

Had fish & chips for supper. Mum was craving for it. I didn't eat much.. Not much in the mood for food today at all.

Might go and watch some more black books.

Oh my 'micro finger kite' off ebay arrived today.. Its cute & flies OK.. Its a very small box kite.. Photo at some point IF I get a chance..

Somewhere I have one of those tiny foil diamond kites as well but seem to have misplaced it slightly! Bummer!