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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Getting there?
After a pretty groggy morning where I did little but get up, get together, grab a bite to eat & go and look for my bro's BD prezzy at M&S. Typically they have now sold out of the item we were gonna get for Mike's pressy!! Doh!!!!! They'd had a sale!

Called the hospital after lunch and went over things with Vicky, one of the transplant nurses.

Seems I'm doing the right thing.. It probably IS just bruising with the leg and with my blood figures the way they are things are gonna take a little longer to heal..
She supported my idea of going to the walk in centre if it gets worse, or I can call them back.

Checked a couple of other things as well so they now know about the stomach upset & cramp, the new meds, and that stuff.

Also found I am OK to use local Iboprufen gels on my leg (we are not allowed to take 'prufen based tablets') so will get & try some of that later..

Put the leg up after lunch and slept till 5ish.. Whew.. heavy snoozing..

Woke up, had a txt from Rachel in Mancs.. She is home now a week after her transplant .

Had a brew.. don't feel tooo bad.. bored of being in tho. And no one wants to come out with me at this time of day :( oh well. might have to open that bag of popcorn.. Feeling a bit peckish.. a good sign I guess.

A load of stuff arrived this morning for me including:
My box kite, and 'pole sleeve' arrived this morning, as well as the Amateur Transplants CD I ordered AND a neck pillow from a while back! :)