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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Bombs, Kites a Small horse & Little People!
Well managed to turn the afternoon more positive..

Had a very light lunch,... my appetite is still not normal & I hope it bucks up soon.. I must eat..

Anyway.. Went off to Fryent Park with Dad after lunch, caught the news on the way out, more terrorist activity and alerts in London.! Again! Similar pattern but less injury.

Flew various kites. The new Aurora Box kite, the UFO Sam which I've had a while but never flown & the Power Sled 24 which I've also had a while.. All went fine.. I have pics, but don't seem to be able to access my filebucket space right now so can't upload them at the mo!! Grrrr.

The box kite REALLY is good, and the location is FINE! :)

So a beautiful day.. Colour in motion in the sky and a beautiful day, breeze and 'nary a soul around.

Now I need to grab a shower.. And then some foood! :)